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Works in Progress

Samei, S., Munro, N., Alizadeh K., and G. Hartman. Pastoralism and herd mobility in the Early Bronze Age Kura-Araxes cultural tradition: stable oxygen (δ18O) and carbon (δ13C) isotope analyses of animal remains from Köhne Shahar in northwestern Iran. [Article manuscript under Review]

Samei, S. Our Pastoral Past: The Evolution of Animal Economies in the Near Eastern Highlands. [Book proposal]

Samei, S. Modeling variability in the organization of pastoral economies in the ancient Near East using behavioral ecology. [Edited volume contribution]

Samei, S. Zooarchaeology of human migrations and the making of Early Bronze Age Near Eastern Highlands 3500–2200 BCE. [Article]

Samei, S., Kandel A., and B. Gasparyan. A preliminary report on the 2022 field season at Aghitu-3 Cave in Armenia. [Article]

Samei, S., Mutin, B., Ashari, S., and O. Garazhian. Humans and animals at the Aceramic Neolithic site of Tell-e Atashi in southeastern Iran. [Article]